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Massage at Riders Lodge
for a greater sense of well being!

Massage is not just a luxury - it is essential in today’s high stress environment - pressure at work, pressure at home, and very little time for relaxation.

Book your massage now – here are some of the benefits:
  • Positive self care through stress reduction and relaxation
  • Reducing anxiety – a chance to let go of worries and responsibilities
  • Improving circulation of blood and lymph
  • Improving sleep
  • Increasing feeling of well being
  • Promoting well nourished-healthy skin
  • Improving energy flow
  • Eliminating poisonous toxins from the body
  • Development of sensory awareness

What is our traditional massage?
Our traditional massage is a collection of techniques to relax muscles by applying rolling pressure from feet to head. It improves circulation and speed flushing of metabolic waste products. It combines long strokes (effleurage) and local short strokes (petrissage) especially on the tendons. Masseurs use circles, back and forth, pressure strokes, rolling motion on the muscles and stretching strokes - all are conceived as having specific therapeutic benefits. It stretches the ligaments and tendons keeping them supple. The final result is radiant skin, relaxed muscles and calm nerves.

What is aromatherapy massage?
Our indulgent massage with all the wellness of the traditional massage and the added joy of essential oils added to the carrier oil. A very effective way to restore balance to the body and mind while encouraging a greater sense of well being!

Book your massage now!
The rate is only RM114.27 PLUS SST for your Traditional Malay Massage USING ESSENTIAL OILS and RM149.25 PLUS SST for an Aromatherapy massage.

+ Plus 6% gov't taxes SST.

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