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Local Attraction - A Touch of Johore Culture

On special weekends, you have the pleasure of watching an authentic cultural presentation of the Kuda dance. Kuda is the Malay word for horse and this dance has been made famous in Johor.

Experience a touch of Johor culture right at the Riders Lodge while enjoying your dinner.

Savour the local tunes to the graceful moves of the Kuda dance.

Chinese Temple

This temple is dedicated to the monkey god known as ‘great sage’.

It is a Buddhist temple and has a monk from Thailand named ‘Phra Prasert Kwaewiang’.

The monkey god came out of stone and was said to be very mischievous.

He greatly offended the king of god – ‘Yi Wang Ta Ti’.  The monkey god was said to be able to change himself into 72 different things.  This make him very hard to catch.  Eventually he was caught and placed in a caged furnace of up to 10000F.  He had a headband placed around his head so that when people prayed it caused him pain in order that he would become good.  He managed to escape the furnace and ate all the magic pills for longevity.  He then understood that he had to be good so he went with the pig and the horse to collect the scriptures.  This was ‘the journey to the west’. (India)

‘Great sage’ is said to live in the hills behind ‘Hua Ko San’ may be we shall see him one day.  Who knows!!

Local Tours

For the tourist visiting  Johor for the first time, we can recommend some interesting places to visit.

Johor Bahru – the state capital offers numerous restaurants and shopping complexes.

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls











Island Retreat At Lido Beach