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Chester's Fairy Tale

PART 1 - Chester's Fairy Tale


My Fairy tale… I am the new Kid on the Block and nobody knows my name. First I was called Mr. Chestnut and more recently “ Prince Chester” N.H.K.M. Let me tell you my fantastic story…

Once upon a time not too long ago in Rawang, I was a sad, neglected horse owned by this horrible family keeping me alive to feast on the coming holiday. I was left to wander around their property for food, find rain puddles for water and trees to shelter me from the rain. But I am tough, I will not give up – I fed on any greens I could nibble on, quenched my thirst on rainwater and Mother Nature was kind to me.

Many kind-hearted people try to buy me to give me better life but to no avail- my master is determined to keep me for food. I was weak, the grass was turning brown and there was no water about. I wandered further to find food but in my weakness, I stumbled into a deep drain. I can’t move, I cut my leg pretty badly. Not giving up, I got up - to my master’s disgust, he tied me onto a tree. My left leg ached so badly and swollen to such a size that I could hardly walk. What shall I do? Is this the end?

Never give up… I could feel it in my bones, I knew help is coming. Sure enough, some kindhearted riders competing at KL led by Nicole from Hongkong, Helena from Thailand, Kate from Singapore and Marianne from KL started the “Rescue Bid”. They solicited cash donation to mount the greatest horse rescue in this side of town. Armed with great determination and perseverance, they negotiated so hard until my master buckled down – he asked for RM1, 500, double the price he bought me for. That was fine because my benefactors collected RM3, 000 in total and the donations kept pouring in feed, vet care and a temporary home for my immediate medical care – thanks to Dr. Bala. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven …never give up!

The rescue committee was on a mission – they were collecting more money for my livery and lady luck is on my side, they asked Sennett for some donation. What could be more perfect than a permanent home – I was offered permanent residency at Riders Lodge. I arrived here on 4th October and life hasn’t been better. My thanks to everyone, I hope to heal as quickly as I can with your tender loving care.

Just like a fairy tale,“Chester with her new family lives happily ever after”.

PART 2 - Chester's Fairy Tale

Prince Chester N.H.K.M.E.
After Three Months At Riders Lodge

Ellesse giving me light exercise– January 2005

Happy New Year! Who would have thought I’d be around in 2005?


Thanks to everyone at Riders Lodge, I am living like a King, oh no, a “Prince”. Have daily inspection of the grass, indulge in 4 Chef prepared meals/day (Chef Zaul not Chef Leon).

On New Year’s day, it was weight check by no other than our CEO, Mr. Sennett. For the record, I have added 17 kgs in two months. My legs look smashing, with only a tiny body sore left that is lovingly nursed by Uncle M’saad and my skin - a natural shiny sheen.

Believe it or not . .. The tooth fairy, Mr. Keith showed up 2 weeks ago and fixed all our smiles. And rumour has it, my teeth may have not seen a dentist for at least 6 years, actually I’m not telling them…Never ever!

It could only be my handsome, cool look - I feel like a star - I mean I get extra attention and real TLC from “soooo many”. And get this, Jay tried a saddle on me (easy piesy”), then tested me on the lunge and just as you guessed, Prince Chester passed with flying colours in all gaits… walk, trot and even a little canter. Not easy at the start with my pitiful muscles (what’s left of them). And as a surprise, Catz decided to show me the good old time of being ridden on the grass. Thank god, for a while I was worried I might end up only as playmates to Jenny and Baba (the odd couple goats)! 

ow I have my own fleet of professional riders… Mr. Sennett, Jay, Catz and more recently young Ellesse. Thanks for your tender hands - just what I need to get back into shape. Hey guys, let’s keep riding together and pretty soon I’ll be ready for my new sparkling shoes.

Pinch me …’hope it’s not just a dream. So long for now – I’ll keep you posted but remember to say hello on your next visit.